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Truboo Roll Ball Toy Kids 5 Layer Drop Tower Baby Toddler Swirling Educational

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Truboo Roll Ball Toy Kids 5 Layer Drop Tower Baby Toddler Swirling Educational

In this Truboo toy 5-tier multi-colored ball ramp includes 3 spinning activity balls. A cute gift for babies. Bright and multiple colors stimulate the baby. This toy 12 colorful ball drop is a safe baby toy, a great way to encourage repeated play and develop fine motor skills for kids. Made by a good plastic material that is fully nontoxic. The recommended age to play this Roll ball Toy is 3 years and above. Please note product photos may vary due to light.

Package Contains

  • 1 x Roll Ball Toy


    • The toddler playset consists of a five-tier colorful ball drop that is easy to build up and disassemble, encouraging repeated play for your little learner. Your child can watch the three swirly balls spiral down each level sparking curiosity and finally rolling away from the last level to create delight.
    • The toy comes with heavy-duty acrylic balls containing beads that rattle when the balls move. The tower is easy to build as well as to break down, letting your kid build and rebuild with ease as many times. The ball drop toy has sturdier pieces that would not bend while assembling, you can make one tall tower with more sets if desired, letting the balls roll to the bottom.
    • Safe materials & top quality - Made of safe and top materials (BPA-FREE and LEAD-FREE).
    • The ball drop ramp toy is easy to assemble, and very entertaining for kids, the weighted balls rattle when you shake them, really cute and popular for early intervention childhood.
    • Unique Design – This ball drop has 5 tires. Even a 3 months baby can play with it. The unique designs make kids loving to play. Kids roll the balls down the ramps multiple times and would be just excited as the last roll when they make it. Improves hand-eye coordination ability, problem-solving capacity. Excellent educational toys for babies.
    • For baby 3+ months – This ball drop is suitable for babies that are 3 months and up. The diameter of the ball is 1.5 inches, so do not worry that babies swallow the ball.


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