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Truboo Kids Wooden Building Blocks Educational Toy Set Stacking Montessori Play

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Truboo Kids Wooden Building Blocks Educational Toy Set Stacking Montessori Play

Stimulate Your Child’s Mind!

Encourage your kids to think logically, move precisely, and play creatively! This Truboo kinetic wood stacking toy helps children develop both cognitive thinking and fine motor skills as they carefully place, rotate and adjust the different shapes to make them all fit. Use these color learning toys as an opportunity for learning shapes, introducing geometry and building color and size recognition. Or, just set it up for your little one to enjoy as a fun and engaging on-their-own activity.


  • Stimulates Cognitive Thinking
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills
  • All-Natural Materials
  • ASTM F 963 certified

You can be sure this engaging toy will keep your children’s bodies active and their minds curious and creative!

Multi-Purpose Use

This puzzle can be used in so many ways! Your toddler can enjoy stacking the blocks, learning about colors and shapes, and figuring out new ways to put the puzzle together. With it’s lightweight design, this small stacking toy also makes an excellent travel companion. Use it for on-the-road stacking or bring it along as a vacation companion. This wooden shape stacker is also easy for multiple children to use at once, making it a wonderful addition to daycares and classrooms!


As a parent, you want the best for your child. That’s why our line of wooden educational puzzles are all-natural, non-toxic, BPA free, ASTM F 963 certified, and child-safe. Beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials, our geometrical stacker is safe, durable and made to last for many years of adventures with your family!

Gift Ideas

In search of a unique gift this holiday season? Wooden educational games are a wonderful gift that children will be thrilled to receive! This little color shape sorter is sure to be a welcome and well-loved addition to any family with young children.

Package Contains

  • 1 x Kids Building Blocks


  • ✅ EDUCATE & ENTERTAIN — Looking for a fun, educational activity for your child to do while you make a meal, answer an email, or just catch your breath? This colorful geometric stacker has an engaging design that keeps your child playing and learning!
  • ✅ EXERCISE YOUR CHILD’S MIND — Little minds are eager to grow, learn and expand! This wooden stacker is a wonderful way for your child to learn shapes and geometry, build color recognition and develop cognitive thinking and problem solving skills.
  • ✅ DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS — Looking for a kinetic toy for a puzzle-loving child? This 3D wooden puzzle stacker helps children develop both logic and dexterity by carefully placing, rotating and adjusting the different shapes to make them all fit!
  • ✅ DESIGNED FOR LITTLE HANDS — Your child will love the feel of the different geometric shapes, the bright colors, and the smooth surfaces. With it’s compact design, this wooden stacking toy makes an excellent travel companion for puzzling on the road!
  • ✅ OUR PROMISE — Our wooden educational toys are durable and made to last for years of play. We stand behind our products and are proud to provide you with a naturally beautiful toy that is ASTM F-963 certified, non-toxic, child safe and eco friendly.


Brand Truboo
Description Kids Building Blocks
Model (SKU) MUTSPWB001
Colour/s Multi-Coloured
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Material Wood