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4x Titan Magnetic Welding Positioner Angle Holder Solder Arrow Locator 25/75LB

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Titan Magnetic Welding Positioner Angle Holder Solder Arrow Locator 25/75LB

This welding piece holder is magnetic so it can hold workpieces at multiple angles while leaving your hands free to work more safely and efficient.

Package Contains

  • 4 x Magnetic Welding Positioner


    • High Gloss Enamel End Plates - Constructed of high-quality steel with a powder coated finish, these welders magnets are anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting! High gloss enamel end plates are solidly riveted together for the strongest performance and won’t melt while welding! The red coating not only protects the magnet from rusting and from scratching the materials that you are working with but also helps you locate it easily, make your welding job more efficient and precise!
    • Powerful Welding Magnet - Each package comes with 4 pieces of heavy-duty powerful angle magnets. They provide strong magnetic pull strength for extreme sturdiness that is needed for welding, soldering, can be stuck solidly to any metal object while leaving your hands free to work more efficiently! The center holes on the 75 lbs arrow welding magnets allow you to easily grab and move them easily!
    • Most Popular Uses of Angle Degree - Each magnetic welding holder is designed with an arrow shape which allows the magnet to align itself with the tubing in a self-centering fashion and provides the most popular uses of angle degree: 45,90, and 135-degree, allows you to work with different angles while welding, soldering, assembly, marking work or metalworking! These magnet holders are convenient to connect pieces of magnetic materials, even two pieces of roll-cage tubing also can be easily held together.
    • Multipurpose - The magnetic angle welding tools are Ideal for being used as holder and positioner in welding, soldering, assembly, brazing, marking off, pipe installation, gluing together pieces, flat grinding, hanging applications, or other high-heat applications! This is a fast and easy method to hold your metal workpieces at the angle you need for all welding jobs! These angle magnet holders also come in handy as a floater to separate steel plates in practical application or to be used with a crane!
    • Free Your Hands - Rather than having to use magnetic welding clamps that need to be readjusted and moved while welding, these powerful arrow-shaped magnets will be like an extra pair of hands to hold metal pieces together at specified angles while allowing you to work through without having to pause to move them! When it comes to welding fabrication, a couple of these heavy-duty arrow angle magnets are just what you need, which free up your hands for improving work safety and making work easier!


    Description Magnetic Welding Positioner
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