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Pull Up Bar Door Chin Wall Mounted Doorway Portable Adjustable Home Gym Strength

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The Crocox Pull-Up Bar is a perfect addition to any home gym workout for upper-body strength and muscle toning. Its versatile uses include pullups, chinups, hanging leg raises, push-ups, dips, sit-ups and crunches. 
As you gain strength, it is easy to add more variations and difficulty into your Pull-up Bar exercises. This exercise bar really is the total upper body workout bar. 
With the Crocox, you need minimal space in your house to do highly effective bodyweight exercises. The heavy duty chrome steel bar and the multiple screw-in door mounts provide safety and stability while giving you the flexibility to move it to different places or heights. The non-slip extra-long foam grips provide a firm grip and extra comfort to minimize hand fatigue. The Crocox Pull Up Bars fit standard doorways and more. 

MOUNTING NOTE: Always secure to the doorframe with the provided bracket set and screws. 

The maximum installation height and body weight supported will vary depending on each situation including required usage, mounting method and the door frame. We always recommend using the heavy-duty door mounts for pullups and chinups. Maximum weights and heights for typical installations are: 
1. Heavy-duty door mounts: 300 lbs / 136 kilograms. (recommended)
2. Medium-duty door mounts: 150 lbs / 68 kilograms - Do not use above waist height.
3. Only to be used without doormounts at low heights for light exercises, e.g. sit-up foot support.
SAFETY NOTE: Each time the workout bar is used, you should cautiously apply your weight to it during the first few exercises to confirm that it is secure and will safely hold your weight. 
If you are not completed satisfied with this home pull up bar, please contact us for a full refund - no questions asked

Package Contains

  • 1 x Adjustable Pull Up Bar


  • BUILD UPPERBODY STRENGTH - This pull up bar for doorway use will tone and strengthen your back, arms, shoulders and abs muscles for the perfect upperbody workout for men and women
  • SAFE and SECURE - Heavy-duty chrome steel doorway pull up bar and door mounts provide great support and safety. Note: Always install and use the supplied screw-in door brackets (comes with 2 sets of heavy-duty and 1 set of medium-duty door mounts)
  • VERSATILE USES - Get fit and strong by using the door bar for many exercises including pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, push-ups, dips, situps and crunches. It's truly a multi function piece of at home workout equipment
  • COMFORTABLE HAND-GRIPS - Non-slip extra-long foam grips for extra comfort to minimize hand fatigue or pain
  • USE IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS - Multiple screw-in door mount kits give flexibility to move to different places or heights. Adjusts to fit standard door ways between 26 and 39 inches. It's perfect for your home, garage, gym or the office


Brand Crocox
Description Adjustable Pull Up Bar
Colour/s Black, Red, Silver
Size 1 (62cm - 100cm) Standard
Size 1 (62cm - 100cm) Upgraded
Size 2 (83cm - 130cm) Upgraded
Size 3 (100cm - 150cm) Upgraded
Size 4 (120cm - 200cm) Upgraded
Material Stainless Steel