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Permafit Yoga Swing Hammock Strap Ultra Strong Decompression Fitness Props

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Permafit Yoga Swing Hammock Strap Ultra Strong Decompression Fitness Props

 Permafit Yoga Swing

The Yoga Swing strengthens and loosens the muscles surrounding the spine naturally, allowing your spine to breathe and heal. The Trapeze works in three main ways:

Traction: The Yoga Trapeze creates natural, body weight traction - the safest and most effective kind.

Back and core strengthening: For dynamic, deep core strength, nothing compares to inverted, gravity resistance training.

Flexibility: Just hang back, grab your ankles and chill out. This is the safest, deepest backbend you could ever do unassisted (and painless).

Different Poses and Benefits

Flying Double Diamond:

In addition to providing a gentle hip opening, the posture also provides a powerful shoulder stretch, so it’s a two-in-one experience. This is a fairly advanced posture if you have tight shoulders, so be sure to practice diamond pose first and work towards the full posture when you are ready.

The 'Trapeze' Pigeon:

Pigeon on the trapeze uses gravity to provide a deep hip opening, upper back, and chest flexibility. Instead of using the weight of your body on the mat, pigeon on the trapeze adds a unique twist where the entire process happens upside down. In some ways, it’s easier; in other ways, it’s more intense.

Trapeze Splits:

The benefits of this pose are endless: deeply stretches the hamstrings, opens the hip flexors, deepens body awareness and balance. You can practice the splits on grounded or in the air – the sky is the limit!

Package Contains

  • 1 x Main Bed
  • 2 x 6 Handle Bed
  • 4 x Lock
  • 6 x Handle
  • 24x Triple Retractable Buckle
  • 1 x Storage Bag


  • EASY TO USE - The hammock comes pre-knotted in our recommended style so you can get started immediately. There are 6 loops on each extension strap allowing you to adjust the length quickly; they can also be looped around an open beam / tree branch to create a portable hanging point for your hammock. Can be installed on hanging points as high as 10 feet


Brand Permafit
Description Yoga Swing
Model (SKU) YOGASW002
Colour/s Multiple
Dimensions Refer to Images
Weight Refer to Images
Material 210T Nylon Spinning