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Lebeau Women Electric Hair Remover Epilator Shaver Razor Arm Leg Bikini 4 In 1

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Lebeau Women Electric Hair Remover Epilator Shaver Razor Arm Leg Bikini 4 In 1

4 in 1 Multi-functional Hair Removal for Women - Seiko Workmanship

  1. Women's 4 IN 1 Multi-functional Hair Remover is a revolutionary new device that erases facial, bikini, nose, legs and all on the body hair instantly and painlessly.
  2. Its 4 exquisite shaver replaceable blades have high speed trimming engine with upgraded sharp blade saves your time on hair removal by effective let you own perfect touch, a finish as smooth as waxing, impeccable!
  3. Fashion and simple design mini shaver has portable handle,ergonomic grip, easy to carry anywhere in anytime.
  4. Recommended by dermatologists, silver color head blade, no staining no plating, is hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types.
  5. Multi-functional hair removal for women, included 1 women shaver, facial hair remover head, nose trimmer head and a eyebrow hair trimmer head.
  6. Women hair trimmer set is suitable for women of all ages!
Finish Flawless and Painless Shaving

Finish Flaw-less and Pain-less Shaving

  • Professional pain-less ladies hair removal, suitable for women of all ages.
  • Won't pull the hair.
  • Multi-functional with 4 different changeable heads.
  • Remove hair from facial, chin, lips, legs, bikini, nose and anywhere on your body 
  • Suitable for women of all ages.



Exquisite and soft blade no more cuts skin and won't pull the hair from. Don't need cream or water.

3 in 1 Shaver:

Straight blade, floating foil, curved blade 3 in 1, used on the legs, armpits, exquisite and no hair. Create sexy bikini lines.



Removes facial peach fuzz, so let makeup become easy, sleek and flawlessly.

  • Used on the Facial: Trim the fine fur on the face cheeks.
  • Used on the Lips: Trim the moustache on the lips.
  • Used on the Chin: Remove the short soft beard on the chin.



Precision to trim and create shape eyebrows, easily and expertly to trim eyebrows to your perfect length and style.

2 length trimming comb:

The 2 length trimming comb lets you precisely shape eyebrows to 2mm and 4mm allowing you to choose your preferred brow look. By simply attaching the precision head onto the trimming head, you can start using the trimmer to achieve precise and uniformed results.

Package Contains

  • 1 x Electric Hair Remover Main body
  • 1 x Body / Legs / Armpits Shaver Head
  • 1 x Facial / Bikini Hair Removal Head
  • 1 x Eyebrow Hair Trimmer Head
  • 1 x Nose Hair Trimmer Head
  • 1 x Small Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable


  • Your personalized hair removal kit - 4 interchangeable heads: Body shaver, eyebrow shaper, nose trimmer, facial beard trimmer and bikini privates razor-that can comfortably shave face, shave legs, body hair with no irritation.
  • Convenient wet dry shaver for women - Shave and trim in the shower or bath with foam, gel or soap lather (please don't dip shaver body in water) or shave or trim dry anytime, anywhere it's convenient.
  • Safe & Efficient - Uses super-thin blade and smooth pivoting head, to trims safely on sensitive skin without irritation. Follow the natural contours of your skin to closely and comfortably to shaving, perfect touch, impeccable.
  • Pain-less and Flaw-less - Body shaver, eyebrow shaper, nose trimmer, facial and bikini privates razor have a high-speed trimming engine with an upgraded sharper blade, closely remove unwanted hair gently and painlessly, no pulling, saves your time on hair removal by effective let you own perfect touch.
  • Compact & Convenient - Fashion and simple design Lebeau Women Electic Hair Remover has a portable handle, ergonomic design makes you completely control in the palm of your hand. Compact for travel. Portable size for easy carry anywhere at anytime.


Brand Lebeau
Description Women Electric Hair Remover
Model (SKU) SVST01
Colour/s Multiple
Dimensions Refer to Images
Weight Refer to Images
Material ABS & Steel