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Kartech Solar Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Car LCD Wireless Sensors

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Kartech Solar Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Car LCD Wireless Sensors

Tire safety is about life,70% of high-speed traffic accidents were caused by abnormal tire pressure , With a Kartech TPMS, The driver will receive a live voice announcement before the tire condition becomes dangerous.

Kartech Tire Pressure Monitoring System Accurate measurement of your tires keeping your driving safe.

Solar Power tpms tire pressure monitor system

Monitor Specification

The Monitor will sleep after the vehicle stop running 5 minutes

Working temperature: -20℃~ 70℃

Optional pressure unit: Psi / Bar

Optional temperature unit: Deg.C, Deg.F

Display battery capacity: 400mAh

Smart tire pressure sensor

External Sensor

Monitoring pressure range: 0-3.5 Bar / 0-50 Psi

Monitor operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +80℃ / -40℉~176℉

Waterproof: IP67

Anti - corrosion

Sealed - against dust

Anti - theft technology

intelligent voice prompt tire pressure sensor

Installation Tips:

1. Please open the display first, then install 4 sensors. When the driving speed reaches 9MPH or 15KPH, the display will automatically update the tire pressure data.

2. If one of the sensors does not work properly after the first installation, reinstall and wait a while before proceeding.

3. If you don't know how to pair the sensor, please feel free to E-mail us.

intelligent voice prompt tire pressure monitoring system

Package Contains

  • 1 x Solar Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


  • Six Alarm Modes -  In order to protect the safety of the driver and passengers, the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system can immediately monitor tire leakage / excessive air pressure / high temperature. With six alert modes, you can take care of your driving safety anytime, anywhere. Suitable for passenger cars, off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, MPV, SUV, minivans and trucks.
  • Solar and USB Dual Charging - The tire pressure monitoring system receiver itself has a solar panel and a large capacity lithium battery. The sensor battery of a car tire pressure monitoring system can last for 2 years, so there is no need to replace the sensor battery first. The cigar box does not interfere. Solar and USB can be recharged twice, so it can be used normally on sunny or rainy days.
  • Easy to Install - The external tpms buzzer sounds by detecting the temperature and pressure of four tires simultaneously. The tire pressure monitor sensor has an IP67 rating, so there is no need to worry about cleaning the car under high pressure and it is protected from rain and moisture. Know the tire pressure and tire temperature without wiring. The sensor is locked with a nut to prevent theft, so you can use the circuit with confidence.
  • Automatic Vibration Detection Function - When the engine starts, the tire pressure monitoring system will detect vibration and start automatically. If the tire pressure monitor sensor cannot detect vibration, the display will automatically enter sleep mode to save power. After the product is opened, there is no need to close the product when not in use. It automatically opens when vibrating. After manually shutting down the product, you need to manually start it on restart.
  • Warm Tips - When the tire pressure monitoring system detector is not working or the screen is off, please check whether the device has sufficient power and can be charged directly by USB. If you feel that the reading is not accurate, first confirm whether the external sensor has power, you can replace the internal button battery of the sensor to test.


Brand Kartech
Description Solar Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Model (SKU) TPMS001
Colour/s Black
Dimensions Refer to Images
Weight Refer to Images
Material ABS PP