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Crocox Kids Adult Skateboard Complete Set Up-Beginner to Pro Boards Outdoor

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Crocox Kids Adult Skateboard Complete Set Up-Beginner to Pro Boards Outdoor 

Standard Skateboard

Crocox Standard Skateboard Stand out Advantages.


  1. The 53mm 95A PU wheels and ABEC-7 high speed with Strong Grip stainless alloy bearings make skateboard stable, safe, and easy to skate, Fit all kinds of roads.
  2. 5-inch aluminum trucks with PU damping make skateboard riding more comfortable.
  3. The skateboard deck is a 7 layer hardwood maple construction, it is high toughness and much more stable.
  4. Non-Slip Grip Tape and heat transfer are waterproof, High Friction Easy operate all kinds of Play Style, Anti-slip for Safety skating.
  5. Double Warped Support More Strength Pressure Easy Operate, Easy to Give Power Allow Kick More Height More Advanced Skate Tricks Such as Sharp Turns, Pivots, Slides, and Street Skating.
  6. Current Model: Non-Flashing Wheels

Standard Skateboards is the best choice as a GIFT!

Gift for kids


  • 8"X31" Skateboard Complete can easily operate various movements, suitable for all kinds of people.
  • Skateboards for starters beginners which can release your nature.
  • Good Present for skateboarding lovers and professional skateboarders which can add more fun to your life.

 Double Warped Design

  • 7-layer cold-pressed Maple Deck--Sturdy Safety,Resist the Shock,High Toughness and Weight Load.
  • Double Warped Design--Easy Operate More Advanced Skate Tricks Such as Sharp Turns,Pivots,Slides and Street Skating.
  • Flashing Wheels

    53mm PU Skate boards Wheels, 95A High Resilience Thread Wheels--Fit on all kinds of roads.Big Wheel Brush Street,Ultra long voyage.


    Waterproof Emery Non-Slip Grip Tape--High Friction,Easy operate all kinds of Movements,Anti-slip for Safety.

    Package Contains

    • 1 x Kids Adult Skateboard


      • EASY TO RIDE - 31 ” Crocox Complete Skateboard, with PU wheels and 8”wide non-slip dull polish wooden deck can not only provide more stability and safety for users but also hold both foot on it . Hold weight up to 224lbs, which can suitable for all kinds of people.
      • STICK MATERIAL - 7-Ply 31" L x 8" W x 4" H maple wood make the wood deck very durable and can bear 220lbs weight , super soft PU wheels cut off damping when you riding , alloy truck provide more steady structure for skateboard, ABEC-7 bearings make the wheels turn around more smoothly.
      • Pattern - Heat Transfer (which was printed onto the board,not a sticker) makes the pattern durable a long time.
      • PU WHEELS - with High rebound PU  wheels with ABEC-11 bearings provide more smooth and speed glide.
      • EASY TO STOP - When you want stop , just put one of your foot on the ground to stop it. Or you can lean your body to reverse direction to slow down the speed then stop your skateboard.
      • Current Model: Non-Flashing Wheels


      Description Kids Adult Skateboard
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      Maple Wood
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