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Cotton Crotchet 100% Boll Ball 50g Soft Bulk Coloured Size C Needle 3.25mm

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Cotton Crotchet 100% Boll Ball 50g Soft Bulk Colour Coloured Size C Needle 2.5mm


Get yourselves these super soft 100% cotton thread suitable for any and all repairs to clothes or even knit yourself a brand new one!

With so many colours to choose from, you are only limited by your imagination with what you can create! 

We have options for single coloured crotchets, single coloured bulk and mixed bulk available. Please leave a message with which colours you would like for the mixed option and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. (Crotchets are subject to availability! If the exact colour in unavailable, we will substitute with a similar colour!)

Package contains

  • 1x or 10x (single or mixed) Crotchet 50g


  • Hand and machine washable
  • Crotchets are available in multiple colours for a knit that will stand out in all situations!
  • Each crotchet is 50g
  • Bulk options available for greater discounts
  • Recommended needle size is 2.5mm / USA size C

Care Instructions

  • Wash by hand or gentle machine using cold water
  • Rinse well in cold water
  • Dry flat in shade
  • Hot iron
  • Do not bleach colours
  • Dry cleanable


Brand Ralligood
Title Cotton Crotchet 100% Boll Ball 50g Soft Bulk Coloured Size C Needle 3.25mm
Model (SKU) (WIN-095) Yatsal Cotton Choc Brown
(WIN-071) Yatsal Cotton Apricot
(WIN-083) Yatsal Cotton Baby Blue
(WIN-072) Yatsal Cotton Baby Pink1
(WIN-073) Yatsal Cotton Baby Pink2
(WIN-070) Yatsal Cotton Black
(WIN-1005) Yatsal Cotton Blue Topaz
(WIN-094) Yatsal Cotton Brown
(WIN-078) Yatsal Cotton Burgandy
(WIN-076) Yatsal Cotton Candy
(WIN-089) Yatsal Cotton Xmas Green
(WIN-068) Yatsal Cotton Cream
(WIN-074) Yatsal Cotton Dusty Pink
(WIN-1003) Yatsal Cotton Emerald
(WIN-092) Yatsal Cotton Golden
(WIN-088) Yatsal Cotton Green
(WIN-685) Yatsal Cotton Grey
(WIN-093) Yatsal Cotton Latte
(WIN-080) Yatsal Cotton Lavender
(WIN-090) Yatsal Cotton Lemon
(WIN-081) Yatsal Cotton Light Purple
(WIN-075) Yatsal Cotton Lolly Pink
(WIN-069) Yatsal Cotton Natural
(WIN-1006) Yatsal Cotton Orange
(WIN-1004) Yatsal Cotton Peach
(WIN-079) Yatsal Cotton Plum
(WIN-082) Yatsal Cotton Purple
(WIN-077) Yatsal Cotton Red
(WIN-085) Yatsal Cotton Royal Blue
(WIN-087) Yatsal Cotton Saige
(WIN-084) Yatsal Cotton Sky Blue
(WIN-086) Yatsal Cotton Turquoise
(WIN-067) Yatsal Cotton White
(WIN-091) Yatsal Cotton Yellow
(WIN-686) Yatsal Cotton Multi Xmas
(WIN-101) Yatsal Cotton Multi Blue
(WIN-105) Yatsal Cotton Multi Brown
(WIN-100) Yatsal Cotton Multi Brgndy
(WIN-104) Yatsal Cotton Multi Gold Ylw
(WIN-102) Yatsal Cotton Multi Green
(WIN-096) Yatsal Cotton Multi Pink
(WIN-099) Yatsal Cotton Multi Plum
(WIN-098) Yatsal Cotton Multi Purple
(WIN-097) Yatsal Cotton Multi Red
(WIN-103) Yatsal Cotton Multi Yellow
Colour Multi-coloured
Dimensions 7cm x 7cm x 7cm (crotchet)
Weight 0.05kg
Material Cotton